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i would seriously barf all over that sexy ass. LMAO.

Posted by Senta on Jan 1, 09 6:14 pm

i think he'd be disgusted if i barfed all over the place. but at least he'll probably remember me? LOL. but he's really hot in person. believe me. pictures don't do justice. ahaha.

Posted by KELLYYY on Nov 29, 08 11:31 pm

*dies* you're so luckkyyy. :D i would probably barf all over the place if i did ahaha

Posted by Senta on Nov 29, 08 7:36 pm

haha yea i did. it was at a fan signing. :]

Posted by KELLYYY on Nov 28, 08 6:36 pm

you've met se7en in person!? luckyyy :(

Posted by Senta on Nov 28, 08 4:16 pm
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